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It’s ancient news that forms are being printed in your customer’s offices. Multiple part forms are being printed on office laser printers, dry toner copy machines and high speed digital presses. Staples, Office Depot and office suppliers nationally are raking in the business that feeds those machines carbonless paper.

I know, Ancient News.

What you may not realize is that there is a major growth in that end of the paper business. It’s profitable too. We would be extremely interested in talking with you and presenting this opportunity to you. Next Day Paper distributes for Nekoosa Coated Products their digital guaranteed carbonless.

Again, it’s guaranteed!

Call us for pricing, delivery times, samples and good conversation. By the way, we promise to ship ‘blind’ to your customer from one of our nine national locations. Nine locations means we can deliver faster and cheaper anywhere in the country.

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A proud member of the PSDA